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“That was the only time I had any visitation, period. It doesn’t feel like she’s [her Healthy Start community health worker] there just cause she has to be there, it feels like she actually cares and she’s excited to hear about whatever I’ve been working on and what I’m going through.”

Leta doesn’t know how Healthy Start found her, but she describes the organization as a God-send. After back-to-back babies Leta panicked. Simultaneously caring for a newborn and a toddler ushered in postpartum depression and before she could catch her breath she was overwhelmed.

Leta’s life began changing after one phone call. A few weeks after giving birth, a Healthy Start community health worker was at Leta’s house and she has since gained an accountability partner.

A North Carolina transplant to Pittsburgh, Leta had struggled to maintain positive socialization outside of her husband and kids. She says conversations with her community health worker have been a lifeline. Her Healthy Start connection helps her to manage her time and set attainable goals.

Leta says the advice she’s received on managing the emotions that come along with being a new mom is priceless. She’s able to focus on self-care and love her family from the well of genuine care that her Healthy Start family is giving her. Painting, writing and attending

Healthy Start’s Parent Cafe meetings are just a few of the ways Leta is now combating depression and learning to cope with the demands of motherhood, marriage and her household.

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