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Community Action Network

Community Action Network

What is a Community Action Network (CAN)?

We serve a number of different communities in Allegheny County. In order for our involvement in each of these areas to be successful, we encourage grassroots participation from the community in establishing and bringing programs to fruition. The CAN serves as the primary liaison between Healthy Start and the community, acting as regional advocates for project initiatives.


Who is a part of the Community Action Network?

Major accomplishments of these groups include:

  • Enhancing participant involvement in evaluating whether the services offered are working as intended

What does the Community Action Network do?

This type of network includes families, community leaders and organizations from the private, public and nonprofit sectors that are located in specific neighborhoods where Healthy Start participants live.

  • Increasing provider responsibility in maintaining consumer participation in the system
  • Improving sensitivity of providers to community cultural, linguistic and gender needs
  • Increasing the efficiency of agency records systems and sharing of data across providers (within confidentiality limitations); and
  • Establishing a community structure to assist with on-going program implementation

How do I join the Community Action Network?

If you are interested in becoming part of the Healthy Start Community Action Network, please click here to read more about volunteering and to fill out the form.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Dayna Jones at (412) 247-4009 extension 2322.

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